Brooks Maguire's "Rock The Virus Blues Away" Live Streams deemed ESSENTIAL! 

BIG News! 

Brooks Maguire is excited to announce his "Rock The Virus Blues Away" live streaming "house concerts" on his Facebook page!  Undaunted by Covid - 19 orders postponing his Maui performances and interrupting his successful 2020 #MusicThatMatters U.S. mainland tour, the effervescent singer-songwriter/Nashville recording artist, continues to connect with audiences from around the world.  Just like his live, in person performances, Brooks engages with his personal wit and charm, his catalog of well crafted songs that include latest Nashville release, "RECOVERY"!  Here's a brief video of the Nashville recording sessions of "Recovery"- (click here)  Orders of CDs or downloads of "RECOVERY" and all Brooks' music are available here - (click here)

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Check out up to date schedule of all of Brooks' live stream performances and be sure to follow all the "happenings" in Brooks' career on his blog!  Be sure to "Like" Brooks' official Facebook music page - Brooks Maguire - musician and follow Brooks on Twitter and Instagram

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