Official Brooks Maguire Website

Singer/Songwriter/Nashville Recording Artist

     Welcome to the official website of Maui based singer/songwriter/Nashville recording artist, Brooks Maguire. With spring around the corner,  Brooks is excited to be making preparations for his a 2024 Homecoming Reunion Tour performing private house concerts and public performances in selected cites across the U.S.. Audiences are captivated by his well-crafted original Americana songs from his 5 records coupled with his engaging storytelling of the backstories of the inspiration of how each song came into existence. This years performances will include a limited number of dates w/his special guest, emerging artist and daughter, Maddie Maguire who continues the family legacy introducing a new audience the the Maguire music heritage.

    Brooks is currently offering a limited number of house concert opportunities to individuals and groups interested in hosting an event in their home, community hall, clubhouse, church or other gathering place.  You could have Brooks perform a private concert of his original music for your friends and family!  For more info, click here or contact Brooks directly by clicking here.

Brooks' effervescent spirit motivates him to return to touring the U.S solo and with Maddie to connect in-person engaging audiences with his unique quick witted humor and colorful storytelling while performing selections from his catalog of well crafted songs from his independent and Nashville releases.  You can also catch Maddie & Brooks on Maui. For all performance info, click here

You can follow Brooks on his official Facebook pageon Instagram and watch videos on Brooks' YouTube channel.

Check out a brief video of the Nashville recording sessions of "Recovery"- (click here)  

CDs or downloads of all Brooks' music catalog, are available here - (click here

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