"Comeback King" - Brooks Maguire's new Nashville CD arrives at World Headquarters! February 28 2016 3 Comments

Spokesman for Nashville record producer, Joe Beck, announced today that the first shipments of Brooks Maguire's new Nashville CD, "Comeback King" arrived at the offices of World Headquarter in Maui Friday, Feb. 26, 2016. Maguire's highly anticipated sophomore Nashville release, which includes 10 new cuts including "Front Street" featuring world renowned legendary guitarist Phil Keaggy who co-wrote and performed guitar as well as ukulele and will be including his version of "Front Street" on his soon to be released Nashville project!  The title track, "Comeback King", portrays the hero's journey with the track's "searing guitars from co-producer/engineer Jim Frazier, extraordinary backing vocals of Drea Rhenee' (mainstay background vocalist for Michael McDonald) and Nashville session background vocalist, Debi Selby, drive home Brooks' message of determination and hope, admonishing the listener, "You can't give up! Where's the 'fun' in that!".   Click here to receive advance notice of special pre-order offers at www.brooksmaguire.com TODAY!